Meditation For Beginners

Meditation For Beginners

Meditation For Beginners : What Every one Should Know

meditation for beginnersAs in most things, expect to put in a lot of practice before you can fully say that you are accomplished when it comes to meditation. Many are daunted by the thought of meditation that they give up even before they have even begun. As a result, they look up any information they could get regarding meditation for beginners, and even those could not put their minds at ease.

But everyone has to start somewhere, right? Here are a few things every beginner should know about meditation.

1. Have a clear purpose in mind. Why meditate? If you have a clear purpose in mind, then there’s a greater chance that you would be able to sustain it for a long time. Keep in mind that meditation is an active process that will engage your body and mind. It’s not something that you should do now, then pick up again when you feel like it.

2. Read up and listen. There are many articles and books on meditation for beginners that you could pick up and read. If you’re apprehensive about it still, try looking for those that are written by other beginners. Knowing you feel the same as those who have gone through the same phase would give you a boost. There are also instructional videos and audio files that you can get your hands on. These have been known to be effective motivational tools that encourage meditation for beginners.

3. Choose your meditation program. There are many types of meditation program that you can choose, particularly programs that focus on meditation for beginners. It would be better if you start slow and simple. Gradually, as you are getting the hang of it, you can transition into the other types of meditation.

4. Get to know your body. Being familiar with your body, particularly its physical abilities and your overall health, would also play a part in your choice of meditation program. If you have specific injuries, you may only aggravate them if you choose to do walking meditation or other more difficult poses.

5. Wear comfortable clothes. Clothes and footwear are rarely discussed anymore, but when it comes to meditation for beginners, it is important to start off on the right foot, and that includes wearing clothes that are comfortable.

MEDITATION (2)6. Pick your tools properly. You might be tempted to go out and buy all those fancy-looking (and very expensive!) meditation supplies. If you have money to spare, that’s not a problem. However, it would be better if you get the meditation supplies you need first, and make your choice well. Sometimes, the expensive meditation cushions aren’t really the most comfortable ones for you.

7. Meditate with someone. Beginners would feel more motivated if they’re meditating with other people.

8. Warm up. In every meditation for beginners manual (if there is one), warm up is highly encouraged. Some stretching and easy breathing exercises should be performed in order to loosen any stiff or sore muscles.

9. Pick a time and place. The best time for meditation is early in the morning, at sunrise, or even before the sun is set to rise. Pick a specific place where you will do your meditation. As much as possible, don’t do it in the same place where you sleep, work or eat. Compartmentalization in this regard is highly recommended.

10. Start small. Meditation for beginners doesn’t have to immediately last for an hour. In fact, it would be better if you start small. Try meditating for 3 to 5 minutes first. And then, as you progress, you could lengthen the time accordingly until you are able to choose a time frame that you are most comfortable with.

11. Commit. Meditation is for the long haul. As mentioned earlier, it’s not something you would do whenever the desire is sparked in you. At the very least, commit to meditating every day. Remember that meditation is supposed to be a life-long commitment.

There are really no specific guidelines or manuals on meditation for beginners. There are no hard and fast rules. It’s more a matter of knowing your own body, knowing your limitations, and then working with them until such time that you are able to overcome them. Happy meditating!