Meditation Clothing

Meditation Clothing, Because Your Comfort Is Important

Meditation Clothing

Are you aware of meditation clothing?

What do you normally wear when you meditate? Your old pajamas? A loose shirt and a pair of old sweats? Or maybe those baggy pants and top that have already seen better days and already fraying at the hems?
They say that the most important consideration when you do any activity is to be comfortable with what you’re wearing. However, suitability and appropriateness to the specific activity in question are also important. You may think you are most comfortable wearing a tank top and your old and comfy pajama bottoms, but no matter how versatile they may seem, they won’t be appropriate for all activities.
Take meditating, for instance. Just as there are proper items of clothing for working out at the gym, or for playing specific sports or games, there are also proper meditation clothing for practitioners of any form of meditation.

Looking Good While Meditating

Admit it: one of the primary considerations in choosing one’s clothing while working out, performing yoga, or practicing meditation is what looks good. Fashionable, even. However, when it comes to meditation, the emphasis should be on comfort more than looks and aesthetics. More than being stylish, meditation clothing should be functional and utilitarian.
We’re not saying you should do as the monks do and wear those shapeless and loose-fitting robes, though. You can still look good and far from frumpy while wearing meditation clothing.
The usual meditation clothing used by some people includes leggings made out of some natural or organic material. meditationSome even prefer wearing drawstring shorts, sweat pants (or what others like to call yoga pants) or Capri pants. Loose-fitting tops are also popular, especially the lengthy ones, which are inspired by Indian kurtas, which also have long sleeves. Many who practice yoga meditation, however, also make use of body hugging meditation clothing. But there are also those meditation practitioners who prefer wearing tank tops, since they find them more conducive to letting energy flow through and around them.
Now there are also meditation tops that look similar to Tai Chi uniforms. They come in different colors and some even have optional pockets, adding to their functionality. More often than not, they are made from linen or silk, or a blend of both.
Being Comfortable While Meditating
One of the cardinal rules in meditating is to NEVER wear uncomfortable clothes. Here are some things you should remember when picking out your meditation clothing, with comfort as your primary concern.


  • Choose meditation clothing that are made of soft and light cloth or material. Heavy and bulky clothing only tends to ruin one’s posture and mess with your overall relaxation.
  • Since you will be seated for prolonged periods, you may want to choose meditation clothing made out of fabric that is stretchable and provides ventilation to your skin.
  • Many people are most comfortable when wearing clothes of a specific color. If you feel more at ease with white, then you should definitely choose white meditation clothing.
  • The fit of your clothes is also important. Loose-fitting meditation clothing is highly recommended. Leggings, on the other hand, are quite snug instead of loose-fitting. However, they have the advantage of being snug without giving you that feeling of being suffocated.
  • The material of the meditation clothing you’ve chosen should also provide enough warmth to encourage a calm state of mind.

Now, we’re not saying you should go to the nearest sports apparel store and buy those expensive athletic wear purposely made for yoga and for meditation. Spending an unreasonable amount of money will only stress you out and defeat the purpose of keeping stresses and pressures at bay through meditation.
There are no hard and fast rules on what you should wear while meditating. At the end of the day, wear meditation clothing that you are most comfortable with, and which encourage you to achieve a calm and peaceful frame of mind.