Meditation Supplies

Meditation Supplies And Their Importance

Meditation SuppliesPracticing meditation is not as simple as sitting down, closing your eyes, and staying still for long moments. No matter how skilled you are at ignoring everything else and concentrating on bringing your body and mind to a meditative state, there are still things that could interfere. The simplest movement, the slightest twinge of discomfort, and your concentration would be shot down. These distractions can be easily avoided if you are prepared for them, and one way to do that is to have the proper meditation supplies.

Let us take a look at the most popular and most commonly used meditation supplies.

  • Meditation Clothing. Of course, you couldn’t expect to be able to meditate well if you’re not dressed comfortably, do you? Some may be all right with wearing loose shirts and pants, but others are more particular about their meditation clothing. Many options are available in shops that sell meditation supplies, from yoga sweats to the traditional loose-fitting Japanese samue. There are even meditation shawls available.
  • Meditation cushions or pillows. Comfort is very important when you’re meditating. It would be difficult to clear your mind of distractions if you are seated on a hard and uneven floor. A cushion will provide support for your body during meditation. Among the meditation supplies that fall under the cushion category are the round-shaped zafu, and the zabuton.
  • Meditation benches. Not all meditation supplies work for everyone. While meditation cushions and pillows are generally preferred, there are special instances when people prefer to use meditation benches instead. These are perfect for people who cannot sit comfortably on the floor, or those who have spine alignment problems.
  • Mats. Yoga practitioners who also incorporate meditation into their practice also consider their yoga mat as part of their meditation supplies.
  • Candles and incense. Burning incense or aromatic candles can also help put you in a meditative state. Meditation supplies also include the burners and bowls used in burning incense. There are specific scents that will help you in your meditation. Charcoal can also be included, since they are also often used to burn powdered incense.
  • Oil lamps. Lighting also sets the mood. Those who prefer to meditate in the late afternoons or evenings prefer a dimly-lit environment. Oil lamps and candles would be a good way to set the mood.
  • CDs. In meditation, all your senses will be engaged. Many practitioners find it easier to relax and meditate when they are listening to something relaxing. There are a lot of CDs with appropriate music or sounds that will help you achieve this, whether it’s soft music, or sounds of trickling water or nature.
  • Timers and alarm clocks. Including a timer or an alarm clock to your meditation supplies is also a good idea. This will save you the effort of having to break off your meditation just to check the time. Before starting your meditation, set the timer and the alarm, so you don’t have to check the time every now and then. And it shouldn’t be just any alarm clock, either. Try choosing meditation timers. You don’t want to be ruthlessly jarred from your meditation with the shrill sound of your alarm clock, do you? Meditation timers are designed to emit soft and soothing sounds, gently rousing you from your meditative state.
  • Special supplies depending on the type of meditation. There are people who practice specific types of meditation. Practitioners of Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques require the use of mala beads and prayer wheels. Some even make use of gongs. You’ll find that Tibetan Buddhist meditation supplies also include Buddhist statues and singing bowls. In some cases, do not be surprised to find many people more comfortable doing meditation when in front of an altar. Thus, their meditation supplies would also include altars, shrine tables, decorative altar cloths, and plaques that depict the countenance of various gods and goddesses, and the like.

There are a lot of meditation supplies and accessories to choose from. At the end of the day, knowing which meditation supplies you’re supposed to own would depend on your specific needs.