Kamala Life

Kamala Life was founded by Khansinee Chaiwong and is set to bring you well designed, simple yet luxurious and comfortable Meditation clothing and Yoga clothes.

The Launch of our products will be set soon so better stay tuned and come visit this website often!!

“There are techniques of Buddhism, such as meditation, that anyone can adopt.” Dalai Lama


Due to our stressing life time, the search for money and survival, many people have found meditation to be the cure for stress; it helps focusing your mind on the moment and enjoy every minute with awareness and calmness.

As our world marches forward, many people have discovered Yoga practicing which combines both meditation and exercise, this technique has evolved and is used everywhere in the world today.

If you as well practicing Yoga or meditation, you have probably noticed it is hard to come by a good, high quality and comfort clothing.

One of the biggest advantages of using special meditation clothing is that you can bring the level of disturbance to zero. You don’t have the “I am not comfortable” thoughts that are set to block you from achieving inner concentration.

Same as in meditation, so in Yoga it is important to have the right Yoga clothing that will help your performance and will help you focus and stay in the positions while continuing with ease to the next ones.

‘Kamala’ is an Hindu name for Nelumbo Nucifera which is the Lotus flower.

Kamala Life means to live your life in the way of the lotus flower that looks so lively, pure and luxurious and represent serenity and peacefulness. The lotus has become our great name and a symbol for Meditation and Yoga clothes with our own unique designs.

Our Meditation clothes and Yoga clothes are for everyone, so no matter whether you are a women or a men, if you would like to wear a beautiful cuttings, great fabrics with a simply luxury style for your meditation or Yoga practicing, then look no further.

In our shop you can expect to find:

Meditation Clothing

Meditation Pants – Women/Men
Meditation Shirt – Women/Men
Meditation Accessories
Meditation Cushion
Meditation Pillows

Yoga Clothes
Yoga clothes for women
Yoga clothes for men
Yoga Pants
Yoga Shirts
Yoga Accessories
Yoga Matress

In the website you can read many advice about benefits of meditation, why it is important to use comfortable meditation clothes when meditating, Practicing of Yoga, Yoga clothing and reviews about many of the available online products with regards to new age, Yoga and Meditation.

From “Khansinee Chaiwong” – Founder of Kamala Life

In year 2009 I took a meditation class in Chiang Mai the north of Thailand for 21 days (full course) and before I went to the Temple, I had to prepare myself like everyone else need to.

I have encountered a problem when I was trying to locate in my closet some nice and comfortable cloths in white color and things that that you need for the everyday use.

I heard many people in my class complaining about how uncomfortable is their own meditation cloths and how important it is to have comfort when you are doing meditation.

It is very important to wear light nice and comfy meditation clothes.

All of this is the reason why I decided to make the brand ‘Kamala Life’ meditation and yoga cloths.

Since I am practicing Meditation and Yoga every day, please expect only high quality meditation clothes and Yoga clothes that are meant to suit your needs and to be comfortable anywhere and anytime you decide to wear them.